A month before your big day, sib!

The happiest moment in my life is…
When you were born
For it means…
I would have a friend
A friend to play with
A friend to fight with
A friend to talk with
A friend to get punished together

Mom said,
If you have a sister
You will have to take care of her
Ask her to play
Don’t be cheating on her
And you must yield to her
And most of all, love her

So many times we get in trouble
Because we were fighting
Our mother put us in “jail”
And in less than 5 minutes,
We forgot our fighting
And we played in our “jail”

I still remember
When mom only punished me
Locked me in our room
You’re outside, crying
You begged her to forgive me

That was my fault, dear sister
I am your older sister
I was not supposed to hurt you
But I did it

I also remember,
When we fight one day
I hold your arm strong enough to make it getting bruise
Since then, I promised to myself
I would never hurt you

You were a very adorable little girl
I was proudly tell my friends that
“She is my pretty little sister”

Now, you are an awesome mature woman
And I still proud of you,

A month from now,
You’ll getting married
To that lucky man

I wish we would still have time
For chatting
For laughing
Even for fighting
Even though I know
It won’t as often as before

You’re still my lovely little sister
Who will enter a new life

Enjoy your last month being single,
And… Have a great wedding preparation

I love you so much


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